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Ancestors' day...

Come to Sperling on the first Saturday in every June.

Go out to the cemetery anytime for your annual Ancestors' Day visit.

  • Check out and tidy up the family plot.
  • Reminisce with your friends, ancestors, and Sperling's departed.

Please pass on the word to family and friends!

Cemetery Adventure

At a Sperling Homecoming 2005 planning committee meeting in late 2004, former Sperling resident Glenn Peckover conceived the idea of writing a play about Sperling's history, and staging it in the cemetery.

Searching for items to put on the homecoming program, recognizing that the event hoped to raise funds for the cemetery, recalling his recent attendance at a play done in the St. Boniface Basilica Cemetery about the pioneers buried there, and adding his interest in history and genealogy, the idea just popped out of his mouth.  His committee mates thought it sounded like an interesting activity for the Homecoming weekend, and so it was agreed.

The result was a history play, written by Glenn, produced and self-directed by a cast of (mostly) Sperling natives.  The cast of twenty portrayed a total of fifty-six characters in the twenty-eight vignettes of the play.

The play was performed twice: on Saturday and Sunday, July 23 & 24, 2005.  A good-sized audience turned up both days, and enjoyed the simulated history class led by teacher Belle, with her sidekick and cemetery caretaker William providing some light moments.  Vignettes spanned the years from about 1878 to the present day, and involved historical figures, most of whom are buried in the cemetery, illustrating elements of the community's history.  Some of the vignettes featured earliest settler Adam Waddell; the founders of the cemetery in 1905 and it's first "residents" in 1906; the coming of the American, Swiss, and Danish immigrants; entertainment; sports; the churches; and present day Sperling.

Cemetery Adventure 1 Cemetery Adventure 2 Cemetery Adventure 3 Cemetery Adventure 4

If anyone is interested in a hard copy of the script, it is available from Suzanne Schroeder at the Sperling Post Office, or directly from Glenn - contact info.  The cost is $10.00 to cover duplicating and binding. The play was videotaped, and a DVD may be available.