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Cemetery History

The following excerpt from "Furrows in the Valley" (History of the RM of Morris – 1980) provides some history about the cemetery:

In the interest of the Sperling Community, a meeting of concerned citizens was held in the spring of 1905. A motion was passed that a joint stock company be formed at $10.00 per share and a committee be named to pur­chase two acres of land. Elected to the committee were ­George Dracass, George Peckover, T.H. McCallum, D.H. McLean and Mr. Eaton. There were fifty-four subscribers at that meeting.

The Committee purchased the land from Fred Dracass at $125.00 per acre. It is situated on the edge of a ravine, approximately 1 1/2 miles northwest of Sperling. The land was surveyed into lots at a cost of $76.00. At a subsequent meeting, it was decided that those that paid the $10.00 would be entitled to a free plot.

The first committee in charge of the cemetery were George Dracass, George Peckover, W. Eaton, W.H. McCallum, and Andrew Mogk. The upkeep of the cemetery was voluntary donations and $2.00 a plot was also charged.

In 1935, trees were planted surrounding the cemetery with Dr. Martin and Matt Lathan in charge. In 1920, a 12 x 12 building was built at the end of the entrance, which housed the maintenance equipment. Enclosed in this building is a detailed map of the cemetery. This map and copies were made by Bill and Audrey Peckover, and is very convenient to those visiting the cemetery.

At an annual meeting on April 21, 1971, the committee decided that letters would be written to all plot holders in an effort to start perpetual care, on a voluntary basis. This met with a good response, and at the present time, 85 plot owners are under this arrangement.

Some improvements to the cemetery have been made in recent years. An exit road was built on the south side of the cemetery on ground donated by Ralph Mogk. Replacement trees were planted where needed. A granite plaque has been installed at the entrance, with the in­scripton 'Sperling Community Cemetery'.

At the last meeting held on April 28, 1978, the committee were: LeRoy Rance, President; W. Fewster, K.K. McLean, Glen Brown, Leonard Rance, Browning Hooper, and H.A. Waddell, Secretary-Treasurer.

W. Sessions and W.C. Davidson spent many years as caretakers of the cemetery and the Cubs, Scouts and Ventures have acted as custodians also. The custodians in 1978 were the Peter Wiebe family.

Letters of appreciation have been received from many people who have visited the cemetery in the summer and enjoyed the peonies and other flowers and the well kept grounds.