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Modern Times

The population of the town probably never exceeded 200, and the surrounding farms probably added a similar number. So Sperling was never a large center, but it did thrive through the first half of the century. However, as better roads and highways were built, transportation speeded up, and the need for a fully serviced town every seven miles diminished. Farm technology and economics changed, and small farms merged into larger ones. Businesses in larger centers like Winnipeg and Carman took over from the local businesses in little Sperling. Many businesses closed, buildings were moved or demolished, in some cases fires took their toll (including the hotel which burned in 1986), and today the community is primarily a residential one.

The primary business concern in Sperling today is Sperling Industries Ltd. Established as Sperling Welding in the 1970s by the Nicolajsen brothers, it has a large metal fabrication and machining shop and is the base of operations for an extensive installation contracting business.

For more comprehensive histories of Sperling and area, see the centennial (1880 – 1980) histories of the Rural Municipalities of Morris and of Dufferin. In the 1970s, residents compiled a series of family histories as "Tales of Sperling". Another interesting history is "The Story of Sperling" published in 1992 by former resident Bob Holloway.

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